2014 Civic Si Kontrol Pro Coilovers Now Available

Categories: Ksport
car_lowest_3 Were pleased to announce that our Kontrol Pro coilovers are now available specifically for the 2014 Civic Si. For the 2014 Honda, we decided to change the way the shock bolts to the hub in the front of the Si model. Please beware when shopping for coilovers for your 2014 Si that it will use a different coilover kit compared to non Si models. The ride height adjustment range offers a .5″ to 3″ drop. Pictured above is our test car at the very lowest ride height, which is exactly 3″ drop from stock. Our Kontrol Pros for this application offers 2 ways to adjust the front camber. Firstly, it can be adjusted by the allen set screws in the front pillowball top mounts. Secondly, by using the oblong holes in the lower mount. To adjust camber using the lower mounts, loosen the 2 OE bolts and push the knuckle to the desired position. Then tighten the bolts back into place. Make sure to set both sides the same during your install. Spring rates are 7.5 kg/mm front and 7 kg/mm rear. The ride quality is comfortable compared to stock and most people probably wont even notice a difference. At full stiff damping the ride is slightly stiffer than stock but in no way uncomfortable. MSRP is $1050. You can place an order through any of our Authorized Dealers or from our website to get your Si Kontrol Pro Coilovers. Below are some more photos we took during the installation process. front_highest_shock_thread front_lower_mount_2 front_lower_mount_1 rear_lowest_shock_thread rear_lower_mount front_coilover car_lowest_2