2012-Up BMW 3 Series (F30) Sedan Coilovers & Big Brake Kits Now Available

Categories: Ksport

                        We re pleased to announce coilovers are now available for the new generation 2012 and up F30 chassis BMW 3 Series Sedan. This is for the sedan models only as the coupes are still being produced under the E92 chassis. Coilover models available are the Kontrol Pro, Version RR, Slide Kontrol and Rally Asphalt. MSRP starts at $1200. More info about our coilover line up can be found here: https://ksportusa.com/products/coilovers/                           Also available are our big brake kits available for the 2012 and up BMW 3 series 320 and 328 models. The front kit comes in sizes 356mm, 380mm, 400mm and 421mm. The rear kit is available in sizes 330mm, 356mm, 380mm and 400mm. Our front kits feature 8 pot calipers while the rear 330/356 feature 4 pot, 380mm have 6 pot and 400mm have 8 pot. A minimum of 18? wheels are required. Prices start at $2100 for front kits and $1900 for rear kits. More info on our big brake kits can be found here: https://ksportusa.com/products/big-brake-kits/