Ksport Electric Damping Kits – EDCPO030

Code: EDCPO030

Electronic Damper Cancellation Kit


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Ksports Electronic Damping Cancelation kit prevents ECU failure when suspension is upgraded to Ksport suspensions. The Ksport Electronic Damping Kits cancels the factory damper signal which would results in a service light.

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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 5 in

Below is a list of automobiles the Ksport Electric Damping Kits - EDCPO030 works with.

2005Porsche997 RWD
2006Porsche997 RWD
2007Porsche997 RWD
2008Porsche997 RWD
2009Porsche997 RWD
2010Porsche997 RWD
2011Porsche997 RWD
2012Porsche997 RWD


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