Our Team

Our Team​


Car and truck enthusiast of over 20 years, now serving as purchasing manager. In my spare time I enjoy photography, traveling and eating amazing food.


I grew up in a car family, which landed me to be front end manager here, it mostly stemmed from my Nan, who broke world records drag racing. In my down time I take photos and model for fun.


Accounts manager thats been building cars since 1995. Road race 3 time Honda Challenge regional champion. Been with Ksport for 8 years. I enjoy restoring and modifying vehicles, gaming, and time with family and grandkids.


Been with Ksport since the beginning as shipping/receiving manager & tricking out cars most my life, my side hustle and hobby is upholstery on old custom rides, and my enjoyment is being with my familia.

Bryan T

data entry specialist. Doesn’t actually wear hats


I do all building maintenance as well as provide the best beard possible for everyone here.


Mechanic / Automotive systems engineer. Drifting is a hobby, hooning is a full-time position.


Assembly man. Building and putting cars together is fun, but driving them hard and thrashing them is where the real fun is.


Lead machinist and they forced me to wear sleeves for this picture.


Not lead machinist and I don’t mind sleeves.


Shipping/receiving assistant. It’s not many that do, but the ones that ARE. Go Far