How to NOT Install Coilovers.

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bad1 Recently we had a local customer bring down a set of RSX coilovers that he purchased used from somebody. He wanted us to check them out and make sure they were good to go before he installed them on his Acura RSX. We have seen many coilover kits come in that are not set up correctly but this one is one of the worst we have seen. Apparently the original owner of these coilovers was trying to go as low as possible. Thats all fine and dandy but there is a right way to do it and a completely wrong way. This is a prime example of exactly what NOT to do. The Acura RSX kit has standard linear type springs in the front and a special larger innner diameter spring in the rear. Basically, the front and rear springs are NOT interchangeable since their inner diameter is totally different. As you can see in the first image the spring was totally loose and damage occurred to the top mount because when the car was on the ground it would have been metal on metal contact since the spring diameter is too small to seat properly against the top mount. How someone could have put up with that metal on metal sound constantly is beyond me. RSX Coilovers bad2 In the image above and below this shows how the front spring preload was not set correctly causing all the spring top hat pieces to be loose. When setting preload on all of our coilover systems the springs should be snug to where you can barely twist them left or right and there is no up or down play. bad3 This next image shows how the shock was threaded down too far which on many FWD cars will cause contact with the CV boot/axle. Both front shocks had some nice groves worn into the bottom of the shocks. bad4 Below is a zoomed out view of the rear shock assembly which shows the helper springs that come with the RSX kit are missing along with the spring perch locking collar. bad6 Here is a pic of how the rear shock bumpstops looked. Completely destroyed and pretty much useless. bad7 So those are some examples of how NOT to adjust or install your coilovers. There are definitely other ways of going lower for those not satisfied with the maximum drop their kit offers when installed correctly. Many kits have shorter shocks and springs available that could assist in getting you lower. Feel free to contact us if you need help. After a little over $200 in replacement parts here are some photos of the kit assembled correctly. Now the kit should perform as designed and hopefully this local customer got a pretty good deal on these coilovers in the end. good1 good2 good3 good4