GST Motorsports Impreza

GST Motorsports Impreza

GST Motorsports, Inc. is family owned and operated import performance shop in Hayward, CA, with over 10 years of experience in building, modifying and maintaining performance autos for applications from mild-street to full-race. GST Motorsports operates out of a state of the art 5,000sqft facility, boasting all the tools and equipment necessary to fabricate, install and tune a host of applications. To learn more about GST Motorsports, please visit us on the web at GST Motorsports.

About the Driver – Jeff Westphal

Jeff Westphal started his racing career with no prior experience when he got hired at a local indoor go-cart track in 2004. He got his schooling done at Laguna Seca with Skip Barber Racing Schools in Salinas, California in late 2005. He raced one regional race at Laguna with Skip Barber and scored one second and one third place finish for his car racing debut, only to then race the entire 2006 season with Jim Russell Racing School of Infineon Raceway. Fast forward to 2011 where Time Attack focus with GST Motorsports switched to new series, Global Time Attack, or GTA. In the 4 events that year, Westphal and GST won overall at 3 and in class at 4, again leaving more broken records in his wake. At the time of this writing, 2012 seems to be just as promising as Jeff has won 3 out of 3 events so far and has set track records at each event.


  • Block: EJ257 modified with Darton Sleeves by Race Engine Development
  • Pistons: JE FSR 9:1 compression
  • Crankshaft: Brian Crower Billet 79mm
  • Connecting Rods: Brian Crower
  • Main Studs: ARP
  • Camshafts: Brian Crower 280/280
  • Cam Gears: OEM Subaru
  • Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Cosworth
  • Head Gasket: Cosworth
  • Head Studs: ARP
  • Intake Manifold: Cosworth
  • Throttle Body: 70mm GST Motorsports Modified
  • Turbocharger: Garrett GTX3582
  • Turbo Manifold: Full Race
  • Wastegate: Turbosmart Comp gate 40 (x2)
  • Blow-Off Valve: Turbosmart race port
  • Exhaust: Custom GST Motorsports
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator: Aeromotive
  • Fuel Delivery: Walbro GS342 (x2) in tank, Bosch 044 (x2)
  • Fuel Injectors: RC 1600cc
  • Fuel Cell: Fuel Safe 12 gallon
  • Spark Plugs: NGK LFR7AIX
  • Radiator: Mishimoto
  • Intercooler: Mishimoto
  • Oil System: Cosworth 12mm pump, Cosworth dry sump pump
  • Engine Management: Hydra Nemesis
  • Wiring Harness: GST Motorsports custom made
  • Transmission: Stock 08 STI Transmission
  • Transmission Gearing: Standard 08 STI
  • Clutch / Flywheel: ACT Prolite flywheel, ACT unsprung 6 puck clutch
  • Differential: Cusco Front 1 Way, Carbonetics 1.5 way rear
  • Axles: OEM Subaru
  • Front Bumper: GST Motorsports custom
  • Spoiler: GST Motorsports custom
  • Hood: Dos Beena’s Autobody custom
  • Fenders: GST Motorsports/Midget Autobody custom
  • Side Skirts: TEC Equipment custom
  • Rear Bumper: OEM GST Motorsports modified
  • Rear Diffuser: GST Motorsports custom
  • Trunk Lid: Vfiber GST Motorsports modified
  • Spoiler/Wing: Kognition Designs
  • Doors: GST Motorsports custom
  • Livery Design/Graphics: Huck Gee designed applied by Dodgy vinyl
  • Paint: Midget Autobody
  • Additional Exterior Work: Full GST Motorsports custom flat bottom
  • Cage: GST Motorsports
  • Seat: Recaro
  • Harness: Sparco
  • Steering: GST Motorsports custom electric power steering
  • Wheel: Momo
  • Gauges: AIM MXL Pro
  • Shocks: JRZ Motorsports 3-way adjustable, custom valving by Performance Shock Inc.
  • Springs: Eibach, various rates
  • Additional Suspension Work: Custom Roll Center kit by AFI Turbo
  • Brakes: Ksport 356mm discs 8 piston front, Ksport 330mm discs 4 Piston rear
  • Pads: Raybestos ST47 front, Raybestos ST45 rear
  • Brake Lines: Goodridge stainless lines
  • Additional Brake Work: Custom Sheehan Motorsports front brake duct cooling
  • Wheels: Rota MXR 18×11 +20
  • Tires: Continental R80 305/645/R18