Our Team

Chris - Ksport Krew

Car and truck enthusiast of over 20 years, now serving as purchasing manager. In my spare time I enjoy photography, traveling and eating amazing food.

Lia - Ksport Krew

I grew up in a car family, which landed me to be front end manager here, it mostly stemmed from my Nan, who broke world records drag racing. In my down time I take photos and model for fun.

Eric - Ksport Krew

Accounts manager thats been building cars since 1995. Road race 3 time Honda Challenge regional champion. Been with Ksport for 8 years. I enjoy restoring and modifying vehicles, gaming, and time with family and grandkids.

Danny - Ksport Krew

Been with Ksport since the beginning as shipping/receiving manager & tricking out cars most my life, my side hustle and hobby is upholstery on old custom rides, and my enjoyment is being with my familia.

Bryan - Ksport Krew
Bryan T

data entry specialist. Doesn't actually wear hats

Brian - Ksport Krew

I do all building maintenance as well as provide the best beard possible for everyone here.

Kamil - Ksport Krew

Mechanic / Automotive systems engineer. Drifting is a hobby, hooning is a full-time position.

Elijah - Ksport Krew

Assembly man. Building and putting cars together is fun, but driving them hard and thrashing them is where the real fun is.

Justin - Ksport Krew

Lead machinist and they forced me to wear sleeves for this picture.

Alex - Ksport Krew

Not lead machinist and I don't mind sleeves.

Brandon - Ksport Krew

SEO guy. Grew up at the Drag Strip watching my dad race top fuel dragsters, Like the saying goes, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Kelvin - Ksport Krew

Shipping/receiving assistant. It's not many that do, but the ones that ARE. Go Far