Coilovers v2

Ksport Coilovers

Ksport is the leader in aftermarket automotive suspension for over 15 years …and we’re just getting started

Street Applications

15 Years of Styling and Performance.

GT Pro

Kontrol Pro

Slide Kontrol


Kontrol Plus 2 Way


Rally Applications

15 Years of Styling and Performance.

For those who love playing on the dirt and asphalt

Asphalt Rally

Specialized for asphalt rally racing. This system includes larger diameter pistons inside the shock which allow for larger oil capacity. Carefully selected spring rates and shock damping settings for each application help to stabilize the vehicle and easily absorb bumps caused by uneven roads. Ride height can be lowered 2” to 4” depending on application.



Gravel Rally

This system is built to handle the abuse of the gravel rally racing circuit. Lengthened shock stroke along with longer springs allow this system to easily absorb uneven road conditions. Feature heavy duty top plates and lower mounts for added strength and durability. Ride height can be adjusted +/- 30mm from OE ride height.



Race Applications

15 Years of Styling and Performance.

Born to Perform.

Version RR
(Road Race)

Our RR coilover is built specifically for road racing and or extreme stance cars. Aggressive spring rates and shock valving are chosen for maximum handling and performance with acute reaction and responsiveness on the track. Ride height can be lowered 2” to 4.7” depending on application. Custom spring rates are available.



Version DR
(Drag Race)

Our DR coilover is specifically engineered for drag racing. This system is designed to reduce your E.T. and 60ft times. Built off our race proven Version RR system we use custom shock valving and spring rates to maximize traction and regulate weight transfer.



Circuit Pro 3 way

Our top of the line system for serious track racing use. Compression and rebound damping can be adjusted separately as well as nitrogen pressure and high and low speed damping for 11,664 possible settings. External reservoirs allow for additional shock oil/nitrogen gas capacity and reduced shock oil temperatures during extended track use. Camber/caster adjustable top mounts are included on McPherson type suspension vehicles.