Month: July 2010

Categories: Ksport

We just got another truck full of Ksport GT lowering springs last week. Were now overstocked on just about every lowering spring we offer! If youve been thinking about a moderate drop for your daily driver, grab some Ksport GT lowering springs. If youre one of our resellers, place a stocking order ASAP!

Categories: Scene and Industry

Mario Rosasco recently posted this video of his BMW 325i on our Facebook Fan Page. Marios E36 is sitting on a Ksport Airtech System, and it certainly looks good doin it. Watching this video reminds me of what it was like when I was 17, washing my Camry every Saturday morning. It might not have been the CRX or S13 that I really wanted, but I made the best of it by squeezing 2 15s in the trunk and throwing some OEM Lexus rims on it. I have a feelin