Month: August 2009

Categories: Ksport, Sponsored Cars

Listen_To_This. A month or so ago, Tage Evanson, a local/regional time attack and time trial racer called us up and wanted to talk about suspension parts for his Civic. Usually requests like this are taken lightly, and they have to be, because KSport gets hundreds of requests for sponsorships every week–seriously–and it really takes up a lot of time to determine whats worth it, what isnt, etc.

Categories: Ksport

So I started experimenting with this GoPro camera that everyone rants and raves about. I bought one at Buttonwillow Raceway back in April, but the lens was broken right out of the box. That, and the next week when we were racing in Phoenix, someone busted out with the GoPro “Wide”, which has a wide-angle lense… and of course, thats way cooler. I sent the broken one back to GoPro, then bought a wide angle version which is a lot more fun.