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Redline Time Attack Recap

Well if one track weekend isn’t enough how about 2 in a row! The following weekend after the Modified Tuner Shootout/NASA AZ Night Event there was a Redline Time Attack Event. I “Travis” decided it would be a great idea to run because it was at Firebird International Raceway Main Track, a track we don’t get to run all the time. So I call up some of the AZ guys “Tony Szirka from UMS Tuning and Phil Robles” to see if they wanted to run. Tony was game, just had to work out a few things on his car and he would be ready to go. Phil wanted to see if the guys over at Ksport wanted to bring out their RDH 2004 Integra Type R to play. After getting the word back from Phil that Ksport was game I called up Nick from RTA to work out all the details for the weekend.

Friday rolled around and I was down at Forced Air Tech waiting for Adam from DBtuning to get there with the guys from with their 04 Sti. I had talked to Adam earlier that week about how he was going to be tuning THmotorsports Sti and I told him to come on down to AZ and they could use our dyno here. They got to the shop around 6pm so we didn’t waste any time getting the car on the dyno and start tuning. We finished up around 10pm so we packed up and Adam and I headed down to UMS Tuning to see how things were going there. Tony was finishing up the last few things on his car to get it up and running then on to the dyno to check everything out.

Saturday morning we all headed to the track only to get rained on for the first part of the day. The guys over at THmotorsports hooked me up with a used set of Toyo R888’s to run so I could run in Mod AWD. Tony from UMS Tuning ran his EVO in Super Mod AWD and Phil Robles AKA “The Ksport Cowboy” ran the Ksport Integra in Super Mod FWD. I headed out on track get a feel for the tires with the track still a little wet and after a slow spin in the tower turn I decided to play it safe and come in. Later that day the sun came out and started dry up the track so we all hit the track hoping to lay down some faster times. I ended running a 1:06.323 for the day and Phil laid down a 1:07.623. The weather started to move back in so we packed up for the day and headed out for the night.

So, overall we all had a great weekend at the track minus the car problems. I ended up with a first place win in Mod AWD and second place overall in TA, Tony took first in Super Mod AWD, and Phil took first in Super Mod FWD. After the awards we all watched the Circuit Battle and of course we started up Beer Time Attack at that time too. Big thanks to Nick at RTA for getting us in, THmotorsports for help me out on the tires, TAYKO Garage for track side support, Ksport, and everyone that helped us out at the event.

Sunday brought clear and sunny skies making it a nice day for racing. The track was dry and we all suited up for our first practice of the day. Practice went pretty well for all of us and with just a few minor adjustments to the cars we were ready for the first time attack session.  About an hour later we all headed down to grid to get lined up for our first TA session. I headed out on track but I forgot my gloves so I had to come back in and get them. However, this worked out in my favor for when I headed back out I had an open track to myself. My first lap I ran a 1:05.571 and if my second lap was fast as my Aimsports was telling me I was on track for a low 1:04 lap. Coming up on the tower turn my tranny start to make a noise and to play it safe I just brought it in. I could have possibly taken the AWD Mod class record but the car thought otherwise, maybe next year. Tony hit the track with his EVO pulling off a 1:06.168 lap time on some very tired tires so not to bad of a run for him.  The Ksport Cowboy took the track in the Ksport Type R after a quick tire swap he was able to get a clean lap in with a 1:08.447. Though they were having tranny problems too he ran very close to his Saturday practice time.

Words By: Travis Barnes – Snail Performance
Photos by Kyle Lewis, Dough Hughes from, and

  1. Lawrence Hau08-18-13

    Congrats on the wins. This is a great recap of the event. Keep it up K-sport.

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