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True Rear Coilovers for BMW E46 M3

                        For those E46 owners that can’t get as low as they would like on coilovers that feature normal OE style separate spring and shock rear design these are an option worth looking into.  This M3 is owned by a friend of one of […]

BMW E46 M3 Featuring Ksport True Rear Integrated Coilover System

This extremely clean E46 M3 is owned by a friend of mine Bobby out of San Diego, CA.  Bobby recently attended our harlem shake meet back in Feb and while he was here he picked up a set of our Kontrol Pro coilovers with the optional true rear coilover design.  This unique design inverts

Frost Metallic Grey E46 M3 Vert on Ksport AirTech Deluxe Air Suspension

Here you have one the cleanest E46 M3′s that we’ve laid eyes on.  This M3 is owned by Jason Harrinandan out of New York.  Jason also owns a shop called Illusion Auto Accessories.  This car is using our AirTech Deluxe