Home Depot Lip?

Have you guys seen that crazy trend, the “Home Depot Lip?” For those who haven’t, it’s literally a piece of plastic from the gardening section at your local hardware store, and some self-tapping screws. It’s that plastic you see separating gravel/wood chips/sand/etc from the grass…

Well, now all the people who love it have even more reason to. It’s been used on the “Natty Dread” Porsche 993 built by Nakai-san of Rauh Welt. Rauh Welt is a Japanese body shop located in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo Japan.

Personally, the fact that this DIY lip is now going to be touted as the newest JDM mod kind of sickens me.

Oh well.

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2 Responses to “Home Depot Lip?”

  1. Jason Jiovani says:

    holy crap, I never went through with it but we joked about using that stuff 10 years ago. About the same as me wanting to flat black a car long ago- being told it would suck- then having a nationally known 'car builder' do it and people drool over it…

    oh well indeed.

  2. Elvera Haeck says:

    Not sure how that works honestly…

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