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Slammed 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe on Kontrol Pro Coilovers and Rotiform TMB’s

  Michael Isip out of Holly Ridge, North Carolina was one of the first to install our Kontrol Pro Coilovers into his 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe.  He’s been emailing us photos on a pretty consistent basis of his car slammed

3rd Gen Lexus GS – Ksport AirTech Pro Plus Air Suspension

STREET SUITED | 4MATIONMEDIA from Daniel Phan on Vimeo. Air suspension seems to be very popular these days as people are wanting more flexibility in their daily drivers.  Here is an example of a

Ksport Car Meet/BBQ/Harlem Shake Video/Extravaganza

  First off we want to thank everyone who came out!!  Great people, nice cars, food, drinks, costumes, music, dancing and fun times just about sums up this event.  Thanks to Dustin Millard and Corey Hosford for organizing the meet and

Random Awesomeness: Munitio Nines Earphones

I stumbled across these rather unique earphones after some of my friends were talking about how much they loved their set. Once I saw them I had to get a set for myself. I love the concept of how they are shaped like 9mm bullets. The timing was perfect because my iPhone 5 earphones recently […]