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New 2-Piece Coilover Design!

So I went back to the Ksport Service Department this morning, and right about the time I walked up, one of our techs was opening a box that had just been delivered. This box had absolutely no markings, RMA number, or anything of the sort on the exterior. Merely 2 addresses. Once Chris opened the […]

Ksport Swap Meet n Greet 2010

Wow, it’s been 2 weeks and I’m just barely getting the time to post up about our meet. First off, thanks to everyone who came out! Vivid Racing, Kazoku Sport, Elite Automotive Finishes, IntensePower, Pedritos Tacos, AZDriven, Team Aftermath, Kamikaze Bottle Rockets, Tage Evanson, Phil Robles, Jason Bartosh, RC from RC’s Garage and of course […]