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What on Earth (or Mars for that matter…)

So I’m out in the warehouse, minding my own business, when Anthony comes out and tells me I need to run to the front parking lot. With my camera. Now, anyone who knows me knows that running is not something I do often. Running is serious business. It’s not something you do just because… I […]

This Just In: Vintage Honda cooler than Lamborghini

Nick was cruising around on eBay and found this little Honda N360, which was listed as an N300. After a little research into these vintage cars, he purchased it and arranged for transportation from Florida to our AZ offices. The driver from the transportation company said this car got more looks and attention from other […]

Ksport USA T Shirts!

This post’s gonna be quick… Just want to let everyone know about our newest shirts. Simple design, but it looks great. Check them out over at the Ksport Store.

Telemarketers. They suck.

So about 8 months ago, I switched to Cricket for my cell phone service. Cricket looked like a good idea for me, on paper… Unlimited everything, I could flash my Verizon phone that I had just spent a few hundred dollars on, and they had coverage everywhere I needed it. With the switch came a […]