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Ksport USA is Going Green!

Ksport USA is Going Green in 2010! Over the last several months, we have made many efforts to minimize energy consumption at our Gilbert, Arizona headquarters and on March 15 2010, Ksport will be shifting all of our web content to servers that are powered by 100% wind energy! By supporting companies and organizations that […]

Vivid Racing x Wounded Warrior

Friday night we all headed over to Vivid Racing to be a part of the Wounded Warrior charity meet, which was a small show organized by Vivid Racing to benefit the Wounded Warrior project, who helps out wounded veterans. We brought out the Ksport DC5 Integra Type R and Nick Jacksons Acura NSX. We gave […]

Hot Tub Time Machine

So last night I was invited out to see a preview of Hot Tub Time Machine. You see, as a Ksport employee, I’m like a celebrity. Ok, so maybe the celebrity part isn’t true. But I got some passes to see Hot Tub Time Machine last night. You have to go see this movie. It’s […]

The Hunt

I’m sure everyone’s been through this… I’ve got a friend who’s shopping for a car right now, and I can’t help but want him to buy what I like. He’s got a budget of about $5,000 (Pretty good budget for a guy workin’ part time while going to school) and he wants something with 4 […]

Can you dig it?

As much as everyone hates on Miatas, you really can’t complain about ‘em when they’re slammed with nice fitment. With this things stance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the top of the rear wing was about level with most cars roof line. I personally am not feelin’ the huge rear wing on this one, but […]