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Toddlers who dislike spicy food – rascist? (srsly?)

Wow, I just stumbled across this article from The Telegraph… Apparently, in the United Kingdom, normal childhood behaviour is grounds for an immediate label as a rascist. How does this happen, honestly? Who thinks it’s a good idea to label a 3 year old as a rascist for behaving like a normal 3 year old? […]

Ksport/WORLD Racing xB in TRD Catalog

Ksport teamed up with Chris Rado and WORLD Racing a while back to put together a stunning xB, and that xB was recently put on display in the TRD accesories catalog that’s being displayed at Scion dealerships across the country this year. Here’s a snapshot of the catalog. And kids, please take the advice that’s […]

Kyoei USA x Big C/Kareem E. x Ksport USA

I recently received a tip from the guys over at Kyoei USA about them being featured in the Japanese mag VIPCAR. As one would expect, VIPCAR Magazine tends to feature cars, shops, and just about anything related to the VIP movement. Kareems GS300 is the embodiment of a proper VIP vehicle, with proper wheel fitment, […]

Ken Block x Sno Drift x Ford Fiesta

Okay, okay… So I’m like 2 weeks late on this. Who cares?? I’ve been working on getting the online store going, so replacement parts can be ordered online. More on that later… Ken Block recently went over to Ford, which was unexpected but is pretty cool. I’m glad to see the Fiesta making a comeback. […]