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Industry Track Day

So, this weekend KSport headed out of the dry Arizona desert towards California, for the Industry Track Day at Streets of Willow. Less than 10 minutes after the crews first tweet, catastrophe struck. Oh, but it gets better! With the turbocharged Right-hand drive Honda Integra Type-R stranded in the Sonora Desert, things weren’t looking great. […]

Oscars BMW M3

Oscars E46 BMW M3 on KSport Kontrol Pros and KSport Big Brakes at the track. Enjoy.

Ksport Rally Dampers Rule We got this video the other day from one of the many rally race teams that run the KSport Rally Spec dampers. This video was taken during filming of a Rally4Life and FeViva World Missions production. Looks like fun!

Good Movie Night

Has anyone else seen that new flick, District 9? We went and saw it last night over at Tempe Marketplace. After being accosted by a young man who sold me tickets at half price, we found some seats (Cine Capri ftw) and settled in to enjoy this epically-long movie (1 hr 50 mins). I don’t […]

Bad Movie Night

Ok, I had to try really hard not to say something about this, but a quick Google search this morning really put me over the edge. First of all, Nick Cage (that’s what I call him) is a bad enough actor as it is; the premise of the movie Knowing, while promising at first, gets […]

Civic Destroys All. KSport owns Firebird Raceway

Listen_To_This. A month or so ago, Tage Evanson, a local/regional time attack and time trial racer called us up and wanted to talk about suspension parts for his Civic. Usually requests like this are taken lightly, and they have to be, because KSport gets hundreds of requests for sponsorships every week–seriously–and it really takes up […]

GoPro Camera, Laguna Seca, I-10 is horrible.

So I started experimenting with this GoPro camera that everyone rants and raves about. I bought one at Buttonwillow Raceway back in April, but the lens was broken right out of the box. That, and the next week when we were racing in Phoenix, someone busted out with the GoPro “Wide”, which has a wide-angle […]