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2013 Honda Accord with Ksport Air Suspension and Velgen Wheels

                    Gerardo Retamar from Jerry’s Auto Care Center recently upgraded from his coilovers to our Ksport Airtech Executive Air System on his 2013 Honda Accord. Jerry currently rides on 20×9 front and

Race Ready MI Performance BMW E34

                        We stumbled across an article on Speedhunters where they did a feature on this amazingly built BMW E34 5 series.  Built by MI Performance there are far too many upgrades to list

2014 Miami GT Grand Prix Edition – Featuring Ksport Suspension

                          DDR Motorsport recently shared an image on our Facebook page of their newest creation the 2014 Miami GT Grand Prix Edition kit car.  We’ve been working with DDR Motorsport for

Nicos Celica

Fellow Canibeat contributor/photographer Anthony Lezada hit me with these photos of Nicos slammed and stanced Celica. Speedhunters ran a Spotlight on the car, which covers a lot of the details of the car. The basics are: 2000 Celica GT-S SSR D5R wheels (Front: 18×8.5 +10 / Rear: 18×9 -1) Ksport Kontrol Pro coilovers Bride LowMax […]

Komal P’s DC2 GS-R

We recently received an email from Komal in New York, and he included some photos of his super clean Integra GS-R. I really never get tired of seeing well done cars, and this is another great example of a clean Honda. Komal didn’t tell us much about his car, other than that he recently added […]

New 2-Piece Coilover Design!

So I went back to the Ksport Service Department this morning, and right about the time I walked up, one of our techs was opening a box that had just been delivered. This box had absolutely no markings, RMA number, or anything of the sort on the exterior. Merely 2 addresses. Once Chris opened the […]

Ksport Swap Meet n Greet 2010

Wow, it’s been 2 weeks and I’m just barely getting the time to post up about our meet. First off, thanks to everyone who came out! Vivid Racing, Kazoku Sport, Elite Automotive Finishes, IntensePower, Pedritos Tacos, AZDriven, Team Aftermath, Kamikaze Bottle Rockets, Tage Evanson, Phil Robles, Jason Bartosh, RC from RC’s Garage and of course […]


Rally4Life is a Canadian organization who is using motorsports as a platform to help raise awareness and funding for several charities throughout the world. Rally4Life is lead by Mark and Jackie Jennings-Bates, a husband-wife team who have dedicated their lives to helping bring water, shelter, and safety to communities in Africa. For Rally4Life the objective […]

Lexani/Asanti Wheels at Element Motorsport

We got a call from the guys over at Element yesterday, asking if I could go snap some photos of the Lexani truck that stopped by to visit. I ran down the street to Element, which is like a mile from us, and wow… The Asanti truck is impressive. I’m not even a basketball fan, […]

Neek – Lurkn Every ****** Day

Neek hit us up on Twitter yesterday with a link to i put in WORK, who featured his stanced xB. For those who are unfamiliar, i put in WORK is a blog that posts up cars that are sitting on WORK Wheels. Neek has chosen some Euroline DH’s for 2nd gen xB, and using Ksport […]