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Ksport is proud to announce our highly anticipated rear integrated coilover for the BMW 3 Series E46.  This new design features an inverted shock design, pillowball top mount and a brand new adjustment knob for damping.  The damping knob is a totally new design which places the knob at the bottom of the shock and can be easily adjusted.  Due to the restrictions of this design, the rear shock has 24 levels of damping adjustment instead of the standard 36 levels.  Another advantage to the rear integrated design is that now you can choose from a large list of optional spring rates which is helpful in street driven cars and especially track cars.  Contact us for more information.



1997-2001 Infiniti Q45 Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit

The Infiniti Q45 has been gaining lots of interest over the last 3-4 years here in the USA.  With the popular “VIP style” trend gaining momentum and the price of used Q45’s easily attainable, we feel this coilover system will satisfy many Q owners that have been frustrated with the lack of suspension options that are available for their car.  There are very few coilover kits on the market for this vehicle primarily because of the fact that the spindle is integrated into the shock which makes it difficult and expensive to offer an aftermarket solution.  Until now the only coilover systems available for the Q45 have been extremely hard to find and very expensive Japanese brands.  The Ksport coilover system does require welding for installation however, once installed you will benefit from ride height adjustability via the lower mounts so you keep all shock travel, pillowball front upper mounts with camber adjustment and 36 levels of damping adjustment.


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