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2013 Honda Accord Kontrol Pro Coilovers Now Available

2013+ Honda Accord Kontrol Pro coilover kits are now available.  Please contact any of our authorized dealer’s or us directly if you would like to place an order.

More info and pricing can be found here:


  1. Allan07-05-13

    Hello ksport, I just realized there are two different model of ksport a coilovers. Recently I discover you guys use to have coilovers with the body if orange and a few black. In the recent coilover models of ksport a you guys now have mostly all black body with little orange trim? What’s the difference?

    • Ksport07-05-13

      Our coilovers with orange lower mounts and silver shocks are just an old design. We changed the colors of the lower mounts and shocks at the end of 2008.

  2. Erik07-17-13

    How much would these lower the accord

    • Ksport07-17-13

      0 to 3.5″

  3. Sergio07-31-13

    I know you now have coil overs for the 2013 accord
    But do you guys have plans for air struts on the 2013 accord?

    • Ksport07-31-13

      We’re excepting pre-orders for the air kits now. ETA is approximately 6-8 weeks.

      • Sergio07-31-13

        Finally lol I’ve been waiting for someone to make a air struts. How do I go about pre ordering?

        • Ksport08-01-13

          Sergio you can call and speak to anyone in our sales department 480-829-8100

  4. Kevin08-23-13

    Hey Ksport are these coilovers for the 2013 accord and could I get a pricing on them?

    • Ksport08-28-13

      Our coilovers for the 13+ Accord are $1050.

  5. ia09-04-13

    How much are the air kits going to be for 2013+ ?

    • Ksport09-11-13

      Pricing starts at $2900 for our Basic Kit and goes up from there. Call us at 480-829-8100 for more info.

  6. Luis acosta10-01-13

    I’m very interested in a air ride setup for my 2013 accord but pricing is an issue I want to get a full setup and good quality which I know you provide. Can you explain more into detail what your kit comes with and would I need any other components ? Thank you

    • Ksport10-16-13

      We have many kits so it depends what type of air management you want. Each kit comes with the same air struts but the management is what differs between the kits. If you check out our air suspension page and look at the features tab you can see all the differences between our kits.

  7. Erik10-16-13

    Ksport do you guys have COILOVERS for my 2014 accord sport? If so pricing?

    • Ksport10-16-13

      Yes we do, they are in stock and price is $1050 plus shipping.

  8. Erik10-18-13

    Do u have an link to see them or part number or do these 2013 fit 2014 models?

  9. dave11-12-13

    Hey Ksport are these coilovers for the 2013 accord and could I get a pricing on them? ( taxes + shipping to canada quebec city)

    • Ksport11-12-13

      Yes they are for the 2013 Accord. $1050 + $130 shipping to Canada. We currently have them in stock and ready to ship.

  10. Silvio11-15-13

    When will there be an air suspension kit available for the 2013 accord

    • Ksport11-25-13

      It is available right now.

  11. Keil02-10-14

    Will these work on the coupe v6 I’m concerned about the spring rates vs stock?

    • Ksport02-10-14

      Yes they work for the V6 Coupe. The spring rates are a good match and the ride is barely stiffer than the stock suspension.

  12. Joseph V.02-14-14

    Ksport I just ordered the Kontrol Pro coilovers for my 2014 Accord. I have tried to find or read up on how to adjust the camber for the front coilovers. I know its suppose to be parallel with the windshield. But what else?

    • Ksport02-21-14

      We recommend that the camber be adjusted by an alignment shop. It’s best to leave the allen screws at their original setting until you can take it to get aligned. Just make sure to point out to the alignment shop that front camber can be adjusted via the top camber plates and also via the oblong hole in the lower mount.

  13. Buu02-19-14

    would i be able to adjust the coilovers to a 3? or a 2.5?

    • Ksport02-21-14

      Yes, not a problem.

      • daniel03-01-14

        I am a honda sales floor manager in ca. I’m looking for a nicer alternative to ground control. they did a prototype car here as we are down the street from their shop. they did a mechanics new sport 6 speed instead of mine on accident and now gets the free suspension . Do you offer any sort of program or incentive for me to demo and show this option to my customers. I can show you pics of the car on display here on e I do your suspension kit. If not I’d like a price on the springs and camber plates and such no struts. but I will be sporting your logos and contact info decals as well as displaying the car here on the lot next to the showroom or on out island

  14. dcanales08-13-14

    Do the ksport kontrol coilovers fit on a 2014 accord sedan?

    • Ksport08-21-14


  15. Brandon02-26-15

    Do they fit a 2015 accord sedan

    • Ksport03-13-15


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