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2012+ Honda Civic Kontrol Pro Coilovers Now Available

It’s been long overdue but the wait is finally over for the 2012+ Honda Civic Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover. Features include: 7.5kg front and 7kg rear spring rates, 36 levels adjustable damping, front top mounts with camber adjustability, height adjustable lower mounts to maintain shock travel and of course they are backed by our industry leading 18 month warranty. MSRP is $1450. Fits all models. Contact one of our many dealers for pricing and availability.




  1. KIT10-05-12


    • admin10-05-12


  2. Jonathan11-27-12

    I just want to lower my civic 2inches. Is this worth getting?

    • admin11-27-12

      Yes, coilovers give you the ability to lower your car exactly how many inches you wish.

  3. nick03-02-13

    i would like to know if i am able to adjust the rear camber with this kit or a need to buy a rear camber kit

    • admin03-05-13

      You would need a camber kit for the rear.

  4. james jones03-18-13

    how much is the k pro coilovers for the 2012 civic coupe lx cost??

    • admin03-18-13


  5. Art D03-31-13

    Where can I buy these online? I have been looking all over online and can not find a trusted website. Please help…

    • admin04-02-13

      We have many trusted dealers you can purchase from. Most of them show up under google shopping when searching for our coilovers. You can also order directly from us if you would like.

  6. Robert05-21-13

    Would these fit in my 2013 si?

    • Robert05-21-13

      And how much

      • admin06-06-13

        Yes they do fit the 2013′s. Price is $1050 + shipping.

  7. KINO05-24-13

    Are the rears adjustable?

    • admin06-06-13

      Yes they are 36 way damping adjustable and ride height adjustable.

  8. alex06-14-13

    Just wondering what kind of camber kit would be needed?
    Have 2013 civic si, the front is not needed correct? Just the rear?

    • admin06-14-13

      You are correct.

  9. Enrique07-14-13

    How much are they for a 2013 honda civic ex sedan

    • Ksport07-15-13

      $1050 + shipping

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